RSA Le Rubis SA

is certified ISO 9001 (2008 version)
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BP 16
38560 Jarrie/Grenoble
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Quality control

Feed powder

You can see beside our chemist preparing solutions for quantitative analyses.
Raw materials have to compell to internal specifications; all of these are tested statistically on different sampling intervals according to quantity and reliability of the suppliers. Despite, each batch (one day production of a single furnace) of feed powder is systematically controlled:

1) for physical properties such as moisture content and flowability

2) chemically for impurity and dopant concentrations using ICP

3) Verneuil production qualification
Only then can a batch of feed powder be transferred in one of our Verneuil


You can see here under a boule being immersed in a liquid for laser internal defect examination.
Every single boule produced by RSA is measured:
1) For external quality and dimensions using a high speed digital camera linked to our database via an image analysis software.

2) For internal quality with a high power laser scanning the boule making use of the Tyndall effect. A high refractive index liquid ensures a good signal to noise ratio. Also linked to our database, this semi-automatic equipment gradually replaces the manual one.

The boules are then annealed in batches before sales